Travis Mc­Neill

Full-Stack Software Developer


I am a Full-Stack Software Developer that loves concise code and functional programming.

Education ∴

University of North Carolina Asheville, Philosophy, 2010 - 2015

Experience ∴

Horizon Investments LLC, Software Developer 2016 - Present


Clojure, Python, JavaScript, Java, Linux, Git, Numpy, PostgreSQL, Scipy, Django, Angular, Devops, and React.


Geodesic Game of Life ∴ JavaScript, WebGL, Python

Toy for 'playing' conways game of life on a 3d surface

source demo (desktop only)
Dejong ∴ Rust

Creates Dejong attractors with arbitrary values using rust.

Voxel Fractal ∴ JavaScript, WebGL, HTML

Toy for making fractal cubes

source demo (desktop only)